About Us

The raid begins...

In 2022, a dragon boat, crewed by brave Vikings and shieldmaidens, set sail to conquer the whole world.


our mission

We want to make products available to the residents of Midgard that make the heart of a warrior beat faster. We intend to be customer-oriented and approachable as a company with a personality.

Our vision

Strong together! Together with our partners and "Guardians" we want to reach people all over the world who share our values.

Our values

We advocate fraternity, tolerance, respect, charity and healthy ideals. We are against racism and any form of hatred.

Your own claim
The old and the new world

Our goal is to bring you a product from our God Forge that even the Aesir and Vanir would be proud of. We see ourselves as a brand that does justice to the Nordic-Germanic culture in every respect. NORTH GUARD® aims to combine the best of the old and new worlds.

We pay attention to high quality materials and designs to offer you the best product experience.

The mindset is important

Modern Viking primarily describes a free and wild attitude to life, a way of life close to nature and no bloodline. This refers to all people who brave the adversities of life and act honorably with resilience, inflexibility and an iron will, whether in everyday life or in extraordinary situations.

In contrast to the Middle Ages, the ax or the sword no longer rules today. Rather, the focus is on mental strength in order to cope with the difficulties of modern times. Finding and enduring the inner attitude or the inner warrior is the challenge of our time.

Respects nature

Just as our ancestors revered nature and the Vanir people, we care just as much about the environment. That is why we rely on sustainable raw materials and resource-saving processes in the manufacture of our products. But that's not all, because we also attach particular importance
fair working conditions. That's why we source most of our eco products from manufacturers in Germany, Europe and the USA.

We do not test our products on animals because we respect not only flora but also fauna.

Brotherhood and Sisterhood
Share the spirit and fight for the good

We want a fellowship of Vikings and shieldmaidens
who share the same spirit and passion to fight for good. Our goal is to become better people with the help of our family and to support others who need help through charitable activities.

Walk with us, bear witness to our intentions and announce our arrival. Just like the Vikings, we would like
leave our mark globally.



When the Vikings weren't raiding, most of them lived as poor farmers, fishermen and settlers, struggling hard to survive on a daily basis. The violent colonization of fertile lands and brutal raids earned them the reputation of the terrorists of the Middle Ages. But they were more than murderous barbarians. In fact, many of them fought for an additional source of income alongside their meager earnings from agriculture, fisheries and handicrafts. The conquests also had the goal of expanding their living space and ultimately also securing their own survival. They also included successful seafarers, explorers and traders who took risks in order to expand their spheres of influence.


Odin was also known as the father of the slain and Freya as the leader of the Valkyries. Vikings and shieldmaidens who fell bravely in battle were chosen to come to Valhalla. There the Einherjer competed in duels during the day. In the evening the fighters enjoyed themselves with beer and mead, which the Valkyries hand them. Valhalla was therefore an important motivation for the Vikings. It allowed them to eliminate their fears in battle and thus be feared by their opponents.

In order to be able to overcome our fears, it is helpful to put our courage in the service of a higher cause. This is the Modern Viking!


"I keep my word and avenge wrongs done to me and those who are mine".

One's own family was sacred, it represented the decisive protective power for the individual. Without the ties of the clan, the individual counted for nothing. The Vikings had a high code of family honour, honor had to be protected and defended at all costs. Personal safety was provided by family friends and allies. This meant that reputation as a trustworthy or honorable person was necessary if one was to stay alive and in possession of one's belongings.

do you hear the call

Come brothers and sisters aboard our Drakkar and let's embark on a journey of adventure together! Join the clan of brave Vikings and Shield Maidens and carry our message to the world!