Beard mead "Hildor"

Beard mead "Hildor"

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Do you have a beard that just lacks glamor and glory? The straight blunt and hard to tame? Then I have just the right thing for you. Den Bart- Met Hildor.

The ingredients in it speak for themselves. The 100% organic oils restore shine and suppleness to your beard. Your skin is also cared for at the same time by argan oil, almond oil, jojoba oil and grape seed oil plus a small shot of vitamin E.

Here is a brief breakdown:

The scent of sandalwood impresses with its sweet note, which is rounded off by an earthy-woody smell. The unique scent is said to have a stimulating and calming effect on body, mind and soul at the same time. In addition, the smell of sandalwood is said to help in dealing with negative emotions such as anger, tension and nervousness.

The scent of bergamot is fresh, fruity, tart, sweet and the effect is encouraging, relaxing, refreshing, mood-enhancing and ensures cheerfulness and serenity.

The color orange radiates trust and can thus convey security and also increase one's own self-confidence. Orange is also said to be mood-enhancing and inspire courage.

The Sweet Tobacco scent can trigger a pleasant feeling, the oil has a very calming effect, for example, and can therefore be used very well against everyday stress and depression. Tobacco oil is generally mood-enhancing and is able to banish negative feelings such as sadness and depression. It is also said to have aphrodisiac properties and thus help against temporary sexual problems such as frigidity, loss of libido and sexual aversion.

jojoba oil Thanks to its special composition, it provides moisture without being greasy. The oil is a real blessing, especially for dry, sensitive and itchy skin.

argan oil has a moisturizing, antioxidant and antibacterial effect.

almond oil is a very mild oil and it is particularly suitable for particularly sensitive and dry skin.

The grapeseed oil has a smoothing effect, strengthens the cells and supports the regeneration of chapped skin. Thanks to its high proportion of vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, grape seed oil has a regulating and strengthening effect on the skin, hair and cells.

vitamin E has an antioxidant effect. It defuses "free radicals". These are aggressive oxygen compounds that are produced in the course of normal metabolic reactions in the body, but also by UV radiation and cigarette smoke, and can damage cells. This makes vitamin E an important cell protection vitamin.

Content: 30ml

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