Hand cream (preliminary desing)
Hand cream (preliminary desing)

Hand cream (preliminary desing)

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My hand cream is made from exquisite contents and impresses with its all-round protection on dry hands and provides a lot of moisture. In addition, this has a pleasant smell of cocoa raspberry.

[_ 0127_5_0 _] Cocoa butter[_ 0127_5_1 _]
Cocoa butter is extracted entirely from a plant. Therefore, it is considered vegan in its natural form.   Cocoa butter nourishes dry areas of the skin and brittle lips. She gives back her natural elasticity to slacker tissue. Because it protects the cell membrane, it gives cells a longer life and prevents skin wrinkles. The ingredient potassium regulates the pigmentation of the skin and supports an even complexion, which is why cocoa butter is also very popular in facial care.

[_ 0127_5_0 _] Beeswax [_ 0127_5_1 _]
Basically, beeswax has an antibacterial effect and thus protects the skin from external influences. It helps in wound healing. One of the reasons for this is that the beeswax also contains propolis, pollen and small amounts of honey.

[_ 0127_5_0 _]Shea butter[_ 0127_5_1 _]
Shea butter has numerous positive effects on the skin and hair. Thanks to its high fat content of around 50 percent, shea butter does not dry out the skin, but provides moisture, has a regreasing and calming effect.

[_ 0127_5_0 _] Almond oil [_ 0127_5_1 _]
Almond oil is a well-tolerated, low-acid remedy for skin care on the face. It provides the skin with healthy fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that cushion the tissue, stabilize it and protect it from light-related skin aging. Almond oil moisturizes, relieves skin irritation, prevents premature aging and makes the skin more resistant to external influences. Almond oil is easily absorbed and does not clog pores. It can also help in the treatment of acne. A few drops are sufficient for application on the face, which are massaged onto the still slightly damp skin

[_ 0127_5_0 _] Essential Raspberries Oil
[_ 0127_5_1 _] Raspberry causes the moisture stores in the skin to be replenished. This not only nourishes dry and stressed skin, small wrinkles are also naturally tightened. The ingredients strengthen the natural protective film of the skin and can thus help to protect it from harmful environmental influences.



Content: 50g 
Shelf Life: 01.05.2024

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