Wooden statue of the Norse "Norns" holding candles

Wooden statue of the Norse "Norns" holding candles

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This handcrafted oak wood carving is ideal for decoration or for your altar. The figure comes with two matching round candle holders with Nordic ornaments.

Each statue and candle holder is unique and may differ from the product photo.

The Norns are females who live in a hall by the Well of Urd. They cast lots, carve runes, water the world tree Yggdrasil to keep it healthy and green, and weave the destinies of all men and gods.

The Norns are named Urd, Verdandi, and Skuld ("what was," "what will," and "what will be"). They put a rooster on Yggdrasil every morning to wake the gods with its crowing.

Nothing happens in the cosmos that the Norns do not weave into the web of existence, though they will probably never change a person's destiny once it is woven, even with prayer and sacrifice.

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