Wooden statue of the Nordic sea snake "Jörmungandr" with candles holding

Wooden statue of the Nordic sea snake "Jörmungandr" with candles holding

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This handmade oak carving art is ideal as a decoration or for your altar. The figure is suitably supplied with two round candlesticks with Nordic ornaments.

[_ 0127_5_0 _] Each statue and candlestick [_ 0127_5_1 _][_ 0127_5_0 _] are [_ 0127_5_1 _][_ 0127_5_0 _] unique pieces and may differ from the product photo.[_ 0127_5_1 _]

[_ 0127_5_2 _]Jörmungandr, the Midgard snake, is one of the evil creatures of Norse mythology. She, like the wolf Fenrir and the ruler of the underworld, Hel, is a descendant of Loki and the giantess Ancrboda.[_ 0127_5_3 _]

[_ 0127_5_2 _] The Gylfaginning, based on the Völuspá, describes that one of the signs for Ragnarök is the seething of the sea when Jörmungandr takes her tail out of her mouth. The sea will overflow and the snake will crawl to the land. She will spread poison into air and water while her brother, the wolf Fenrir, spits fire from her eyes and nose. In the battle against the gods, Thor will encounter the Midgard snake and kill it, but eventually perish on its poison itself.[_ 0127_5_3 _]

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