Wooden statue of the Nordic god "Heimdall" with candles holding

Wooden statue of the Nordic god "Heimdall" with candles holding

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This handmade oak carving art is ideal as a decoration or for your altar. The figure is suitably supplied with two square candlesticks with Nordic ornaments.

Each statue and candlestick are unique and may differ from the product photo.

[_ 0127_5_0 _]Heimdall is a god as well as a guardian of the Ases and a son of Odine, the king of the gods. He is called “the shining one” and has the whitest skin among the gods. He is also the guardian for Asgard, the kingdom of the gods, and alerts the gods when someone approaches the bridge Bifrost. He needs less sleep than a bird and can see a hundred miles day and night. It also says he heard the grass grow and the wool grow on sheep.[_ 0127_5_1 _]

[_ 0127_5_0 _] He had teeth made of gold and is said to have had nine mothers, sea giants from the Jötnar. These multiple mothers were probably a reference to the Nine Worlds he was watching over. In any case, Heimdall seems to have been assigned to the sea, gold, roosters and rams.[_ 0127_5_1 _]

[_ 0127_5_0 _] His hall is called Himinbjorg, which means "sky cliffs", and he possesses the gjallarhorn, a horn heard in all nine realms of Yggdrasil. The horn he will blow at the end of the world. This is called Ragnarök, the Götterdämmerung, and even Heimdall will die. The god Loki and Heimdall will end up fighting and killing each other on Bifrost, the Rainbow Bridge.[_ 0127_5_1 _]

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