Wooden statue of the Norse god "Thor" holding candles

Wooden statue of the Norse god "Thor" holding candles

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This handcrafted oak wood carving is ideal for decoration or for your altar. The figure comes with two matching square candle holders with Nordic ornaments.

Each statue and candle holder is unique and may differ from the product photo.

Thor is the famous Norse god associated with thunder and lightning. His further claim to fame is that the weekday Thursday (Thorstag) was named after him.

In Norse mythology, Thor is an Aesir god who embodies strength and fertility. Generally depicted with red hair and a red beard, he was well known throughout the history of the Germanic tribes. Its popularity peaked in the Viking Age (roughly around 790s to 1066).

Thor's father is Odin, the half-giant and ruler of the Aesir, and his mother is Jord, the earth goddess who is descended from the giants. Thor was married to Sif, a golden-haired goddess, with whom he had a daughter named Thrúd. From his love affair with the giantess Járnsaxa came his two sons Magni and Modi (“the strong and the angry” or “strength and courage”).

Thor wielded a hammer called Mjolnir (lightning bolt) created by the dwarves that could crush mountains. He also possesses iron gauntlets and a magical belt called Megingjörd, which he used to slay his enemies. These "weapons" traveled with him in a chariot drawn by two massive goats.

Thor's greatest enemies were the giants from Jotunheim, one of the Nine Realms, and the great serpent Jörmungand, the symbol of evil. The Edda describes two battles between Thor and Jörmungand. In one, Thor almost pulls the snake out of the ocean it lives in when he was stopped by the giant Hymir, who was afraid it would bring the end of the world. It is fate that the two enemies will actually kill each other when this time, called Ragnarök, begins...

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