Wooden statue of a Norse "Valkyrie" holding candles

Wooden statue of a Norse "Valkyrie" holding candles

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This handcrafted oak wood carving is ideal for decoration or for your altar. The figure comes with two matching round candle holders with Nordic ornaments.

Each statue and candle holder is unique and may differ from the product photo.

The Valkyries are related to the Norns, Fylgia and Disen through the possibility of destiny. As servants of Odin, they decided who would die in battle and who would survive. Likewise, they select Einherjer ("honorably fallen") dead on the battlefield to take them to Valhalla to take part in the eternal battles and feasts. Their leader is called Freya.

The Valkyries were beautiful and terrible to mortal eyes. Looking at one of them was like looking into a flame, and people feared their power. But Odin expected their unquestioning obedience. On the eve of a battle between two kings, Odin gave clear instructions as to which man should win.

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