Earrings Fluorite & Amethyst with Tree of Life

Earrings Fluorite & Amethyst with Tree of Life

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The [_ 0127_5_0 _] fluorite [_ 0127_5_1 _] is also called fluorspate. The stone is found in nature in many colors, caused by the various trace elements it can contain. It is mainly a stone that fits well in this technical time, as it cleans and protects against electromagnetic radiation. Fluorite also promotes concentration.

The [_ 0127_5_0 _] amethyst [_ 0127_5_1 _] is a violet-colored quartz crystal. The color spectrum varies from a light lavender to a dark eggplant tone. Amethyst crystals have spiritual properties, through them the higher elevations of consciousness can be reached. The amethyst can represent a bridge between the earthly and ethereal worlds, thus forming an opening to spiritual consciousness. *

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