Smoked Magic Set
Smoked Magic Set

Smoked Magic Set

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In this beautiful wooden smoke box, refined with gold and stone, offers you all-round protection in all situations.

Here you can find the following mixtures

  • Banish negative thoughts
  • Protection against evil energies
  • Special Mixture
  • Love with roses quartz
  • Protection Spell with Obsidian, Tiger Eye and Quartz
  • Waking up with roses quartz
  • Noble mix for happiness
  • Sweet dreams
  • 1 spring
  • White sage
  • Lignum vitae

There are also two glasses full

Lapis Lazuli

The lapis lazuli is said to act primarily on the glands of the body. Here he helps to regulate the purchase of secretions and hormones. The stone is also considered antispasmodic and calming. And so the lapis lazuli is also often used for headaches or neuralgia. In addition, the stone is said to have a helpful effect on high blood pressure.

Red Agate

Today, the reddish gem is mostly used to strengthen the inner balance. Negative energy is kept away from the bearer of the healing stone or. Converted into positive energy. The wearer of the red agate feels a positive energy and thus more self-confidence.


The Amazonite is also known as the stone of success and abundance. If you have this stone in your possession, you will attract more happiness and positivity. Amazonite is a stone of courage and no longer allows for a victim mentality. Amazonite is a good stone if you want to share something with someone you love.

Quartz Smoke

Smoky quartz and its effects The gemstone combines the general effects of all quartz. He stimulates the immune system, helps to maintain a clear mind and concentration. It increases mental abilities and invigorates the body, and it also brings body and mind into balance.

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